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Opening Instructions

Please read the following carefully. If items are not completed before the day of
your opening, we may have to reschedule you for the next available date.


  • Unplug step pump now if you are using one. (Most commonly used for inground pools with mesh covers)

  • If we are scheduled to vacuum pool at time of opening, overfill pool as much as you can without overflowing.

  • If we are not scheduled to vacuum at opening, raise water to normal operating level (usually the middle of the skimmer)

  • Have any items that were stored for the winter or that you would like us to install poolside (ladders, railings, baskets, return fittings, etc.)

  • Leave gates unlocked and bring pets inside at time of service

  • Turn on water to outside hose spigot. (Any shutoffs inside house)

  • Turn on electricity to pool equipment. (Any breakers/ timers/ switches inside house)

  • Pump off any water and remove debris from top of cover. (If cover is not ready to remove when we arrive, we will reschedule for the next available date. Cover should remain pumped off for duration of its use. Any water that collects on pool cover will displace pool water in equal measure and will require refilling. Does not apply to mesh type covers.)

  • Make sure filter area is free of overgrown weeds and insects.

  • If you scheduled a partial opening, please make sure the cover is removed before the day of service. (If the cover is on and we are unable to contact you we will reschedule your opening for the next available date.)


  • Removing and folding cover (except for partial openings; customer is responsible for removing, cleaning, folding cover, and lowering anchors)

  • Cleaning of pool cover.

  • Lowering cover anchors.

  • Removing winter plugs.

  • Installing hardware removed at closing (baskets, ladders, handrails, etc.)

  • System startup (includes initial charge of D.E.)

  • Initial dose of shock. (Up to 3 lbs)

First vacuum with opening can be added at time of booking for $125 up to 1 hour.

If you schedule us to vacuum or sign up for weekly service, your first cleaning will be done the day of the opening, possibly by a second truck following the first crew.

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