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Services Offered


Openings & Closings

We offer pool opening services from April to June every Spring, and winterization services from September to November each fall.


Weekly Service

Get the most out of your pool this year by signing up for weekly service. Our expert pool technicians will keep your pool sparkling clean all season.


Equipment Sales

We deliver parts, chemicals, and equipment straight to your door! Call us at (410) 305-7002 to schedule delivery for all your pool's needs.


Installation, Repairs, Replacements, & System Upgrades

Our highly skilled staff of pool technicians have over 15 years of experience installing, repairing, and replacing pool equipment.


This includes adding, repairing, and/or replacing:

  • Filter Systems (pumps, filters,  pipes & fittings above ground level, valves, leveling or replacing equipment pads)

  • Heaters

  • Chemical Feeders

  • Salt System Conversions

  • Automation Systems

  • Equipment Leaks

Please note:

We can order above ground liners, but we do not replace them or install pools.

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